NSTI Order

SI.No Title Download Publish Date
1 SOLAR TECHNICIAN (CTS )SESSION 2023-24 - 2nd LIST SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES LIST 2 counseling list_26072023165223.PDF
2 TIME TABLE SESSION-2020-21 Time Table-JODHPUR-2020-21.pdf
3 Delegation Financial Powers of Head of Office Head of Office_22102021173941.PDF
4 Office Order of Assuming the charge of Joint Director Joining Director_22102021173832.PDF
5 Conducting Internal Exams of CITS & CTS trades INTERNAL EXAMINATION-8-10.pdf
6 Submission of Trainee Attendance below 50% ATTENDANCE-24-9.pdf
7 Work Distribution WORK DISTRUBUTION-27-8.pdf
8 शुद्धि पत्र - कार्यालय आदेश क्रमांक 3065, 12.07.2021 सम्बन्ध में VACCINE-13-7.pdf
9 50-50% क्षमता से दिनांक 13.07.2021 से संस्थान में नियमित आफ लाइन प्रशिक्षण प्रारंभ होगा। 50% ORDER-12-7_0.pdf
10 Status of Outstanding Internal Audit paras Internal Audit para_21062021114234.PDF
11 Demonstration Board Of Distributor Less Electronic Ignition System Of An Automobile 4 Wheeler: Qty.: 1 Nos. E-Tenders of NSTI Jodhpur on 1699-ePublishing System, Government of India.pdf
12 Supply of Pedestal Grinder Double End Type : Qty. : 1 No. E-Tenders of NSTI Jodhpur on 1703-ePublishing System, Government of India.pdf
13 Supply of Cut Section Model Of 4 Stroke 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine Working On Stand: Qty : 1No. E-Tenders of NSTI Jodhpur on 1702-ePublishing System, Government of India.pdf
14 Supply of Petrol Engine (2-Stroke) Motor Cycle Along With Special Tools and Accessories, Qty: 01 No. E-Tender of NSTI Jodhpur on 1700-ePublishing System, Government of India.pdf
15 Supply of Petrol Engine (2-Stroke) Scooter Along With Special Tools and Accessories, Qty: 01 No.E-Tenders of NSTI Jodhpur on 1701-ePublishing System, Government of India.pdf


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